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The American Dental Association estimates that approximately 47% of all people over 30 years old have some degree of gum disease. At the same time the CDC also reports that that 64% of seniors over age 65 have moderate to severe gum disease.

Advanced gum disease, known as periodontitis, can cause your gums to pull back from the base of your teeth, creating pockets of infection near the roots. Left unchecked it can even cause a loss of bone structure in the parts of your jaw that anchor your teeth.

An ineffective oral hygiene routine leaves excess bacteria and residual food particles in the mouth. This is just the first step in a process that can lead to dangerous tartar hardening near the gum line. Tartar at the gum line is the leading cause of gum disease.

Brushing your teeth twice a day with a soft bristled toothbrush and abrasive toothpaste, followed by flossing between teeth and around the gum line, is essential for removing plaque and food particles.

Unfortunately, even the most effective oral hygiene routine can’t clean away 100% of the plaque and tartar from your mouth. Hardened tartar at the gum line can only be removed by the professional tools and techniques used by your dentist. This means it is especially important for you to stick to your twice a year dental cleanings.

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