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October has arrived. That means that scary costumes, trick or treating and loads of Halloween candy are coming! Dr. Kenneth Kirk and the rest of our staff want your family to have a lovely time. We also understand that it can be a challenge to help mouths stay healthy this time of year. It’s acceptable to eat candy, but it’s also essential to have a plan. Here are some ideas to help you create yours:

– Time it Right: The bacteria in your family’s mouths feed on sugar, which then produces acid, which in turn creates tooth decay. However, if sugary treats are eaten with savory foods in a meal, it may cancel out the effect of the acid. Put the candy in a designated place that your children cannot access without your help, like above the fridge. Then allow them to choose one or two special treats to for school lunches or dinner.

– Brush and floss: Be especially vigilant that your children are brushing at least twice a day. Teach them to floss each evening. Replace their toothbrushes every 3-4 months or earlier if they are worn.

– Chew sugarless gum: Stock up on sugarless gum. Then after they eat candy, hand them a piece. Chewing gum for 20 minutes kindles saliva production which then washes away bad bacteria and leftover food particles. You can even hand out sugarless gum to other kids on Halloween. It tastes delicious!

October might be the just the right time to bring your kids to see the dentist!. Ring 281-826-0025 to set up an appointment to see Dr. Kenneth Kirk. We’re here to make you smile.