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Whether you believe it or not, brushing is vital for a strong and successful oral health. But why? Well, there are many benefits to brushing your teeth. In fact, brushing can:

Remove plaque: Maintaining a strong and healthy smile involves removing the plaque from your teeth on a regular basis. Plaque is a dangerous substance that is white and almost invisible when it’s against your teeth. Unfortunately, it promotes tooth decay and gum disease. So, it’s best to remove the plaque each day. Luckily, your soft-bristled toothbrush can do that for you when you brush your smile every morning and every night.

Promote good breath: Sometimes odorous food particles get stuck on and between your teeth, causing bad breath. This can be fixed by brushing your teeth and removing those particles. You can also promote pristine breath by brushing your tongue after you’ve brushed your teeth.

Remove stains: Unfortunately, your smile can become easily stained if you’re not careful. The staining particles in your food can become trapped in the small pores of your tooth enamel. Luckily, if you brush with a whitening toothpaste, those staining particles can be removed nd you can have a whiter and brighter smile.

This is why it’s important to brush your teeth twice a day. As you do so, make sure you use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Brushing will help you remove plaque from your teeth, promote good breath, and remove stains.

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